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Are you trying - really trying?

Hey All! Hope this finds you enjoying at least part of your summer between heatwaves and monsoon- like rains. I realize this Blog is long overdue. (Thanks also for the nudge from my mom - "Are you going to be updating your blog anytime soon - its been awhile...") I know its been awhile, things have been wonderfully busy and Equanimity is happily welcoming new clients and returning friendly faces. Its always great to see clients I haven't seen for a bit or who have taken some time off to work on things, attend to life, school, kids, or the myriad of other things that occupy our lives. Its not uncommon at all for someone to come in, nest on the couch and express some mildly or not so mildly expressed frustration with their circumstances. Granted, most of the folks I'm referring to have seen me for some length of time - enough time that we've built a good or great rapport and have had the opportunity to discuss some of the basics that I think are important in working with anyone - communication skills and styles, boundaries, trust and how you do or don't trust, basics of grief and loss, sleep hygiene, eating habits, healthy and appropriate regular exercise, etc. At this point in time we have been working on what concerns or struggles they may be having or what brought them in to treatment in the first place. Shortly thereafter, it comes....the exasperated sigh of frustration, the groan of "It's not working - I don't feel better-different-younger-more vibrant-happier" or whatever else they want to be different. I wait, pause, and then ask the question, "Are you trying - REALLY trying?" and then...silence. Many times the question and long pause before they answer is preceded by a small grunt, groan or "ugh" and then...more often times than not, "no". Ok, now we're getting somewhere. The reality is that for things to be better, different or whatever else you want, you have to TRY. I mean really try, not just think about it the hour you happen to be sitting on the couch in my office. It doesn't just happen by osmosis or wishing or luck - it takes effort and a continued willingness to recommit to doing things differently. It doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be all the time or everyday AND you have to be intentional and put energy into it. So my question is "Are YOU trying?" Give me a call and let me help, its amazing what happens when you try.

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