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What a great time of year! More sunlight, longer days and transitions and changes aplenty. I talk with lots of folks and seems that many of them are in the midst of significant changes themselves: moves, job changes, relationship changes, graduations, the list goes on and on. Leaving the practice I had worked at for close to seven years to venture out on my own, - you guessed it, big change. Change can be great, scary, hard, inspiring of tremendous anxiety, it may lead you to drop a few choice words from time to time...and ultimately it can lead to someplace amazing that you could never have anticipated. Even when great things are happening and normal life transitions are occurring, it is still stressful. The tricky part is finding the balance between stress that is motivating and positive - eustress, and being careful to not be overwhelmed by all the details and anxiety that can come with distress. The right amount of the right kind of stress can produce great results - Clark Kent was only Superman when he needed to take care of business! It is important, especially in times of change and transition to take care of yourself - yeah, I know you know AND its always good to be reminded. Make sure to get plenty of rest - your body will revolt if you don't and that's never good. Also, stay hydrated and watch your caffeine intake. Spend time with people you enjoy and also make time for some quality alone time - this doesn't mean frantically cleaning or doing laundry - maybe it means sitting and doing NOTHING, reading a great book, or getting a massage. Exercise and move your body - you've got more options than you even realize! Check out some options at EquiVita ( take care of yourself, enjoy your summer and check out more ways to find Equanimity.

" Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" - Neale Donald Walsch

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