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"The encouragement, support and sometimes kick in butt when I need it because I am stubborn".

"Nan has been a godsend. She validated my awful experiences and has been a strong advocate. Thanks to her I didn't give up on treatment and am now doing well."

"The compassion with which Nan listens in turn points out strengths, learning curves, tools. My confidence grows with each visit. My belief in myself and my recovery becomes stronger with Nan as my guide."

"The most helpful thing would be the approach. Nan is very good at approaching things without seeming judgmental or harsh. She is a great confidant."

"This is the longest I've stayed in treatment because I enjoy coming back."

"Nancy was like finding a diamond in the rough. I instantly felt comfortable talking to her about anything and everything. That says a lot considering I searched for over a year."

" Nan is a therapist who is willing to listen objectively and still be directive and responsive. Nan practices a different type of therapy that offers hope for living and not just surviving."

"I am really taking ownership of my recovery and if I ever need anything my therapist is very supportive and gets back to me quickly."

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